The BIG Bundle -The Devil Dealt Me You

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Brand new BIG bundle for The Devil Dealt Me You, designed by @LittleLadyTattoos
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The Devil Dealt Me You BIG Bundle!

This includes:

  • Hoodie with graphic on the back
  • T-Shirt with graphic on the back
  • Beanie Hat
  • Mug
  • 1x A4 Poster/Print

These items separately are worth £80.

Designed by Issy Cole (@LittleLadyTattoos)

Created by HD Print

This week, 20% of all profits will be going to 'Our Wave' Our Wave is an online platform for survivors to share stories, receive customized support, and join a community of understanding. While collecting stories and tagged data, we hope to highlight the prevalence of sexual assault and determine patterns for future prevention.

'We seek to empower survivors, educate society, and strategize to develop smarter prevention methods.'

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